Ondertussen zijn Johan zijn foto’s van in Wijk-aan-Zee ook toegevoegd aan onze site !

Je kan ze hier vinden –> Wijk-aan-Zee 2011

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  • Marc says:

    Hi, mooie foto’s!!
    heel leuk, hallicunant, deze met met de twee wagens naast elkaar. Bart die kijkt naar gekke Wesley en maffiosi Roberto…scene komt precies uit de film, zoals Pulp Fiction!

  • Takane says:

    , we have been threatened with muderr, our TT has been punched and someone slashed a tent with a knife while an occupier was sleeping in it but none of these individuals were occupiers. Our occupations are very vulnerable to this type of violent social behaviour of a scale that is unknown to most people locked up safe in house, but which the police are all too familiar with. London really is quite anarchic of a Saturday night! With reference to your statement about the camp no longer being controlled by its residents, that was never the purpose of the occupation. Indeed, the GA, in being open to the public, as well as the Info, TCU and Library marquees, have all been crucial in preventing the occupations deteriorating into little more than exclusive travellers’ sites. Occupy, the campuses included, was always intended to be inclusive. And inclusivity means everybody and their auntie, so there will be a certain amount of chaos and unpredictability in a setting that’s not as highly controlled as most workplaces, or an army encampment. It’s definitely an interesting experiment.

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